Obesity Summit 2013 2012 Results
Virginia Elliott

Virginia Elliott, Governor's Council
on Fitnes Chair, welcomes
attendees to the summit.

Dr. Moser

Dr. Moser, KDHE Secretary, high-
lights obesity facts.

Dr. Gruenbacher

Dr. Gruenbacher shares his experiences as a 2012 Olympic torchrunner.

The Governor's Council on Fitness hosted the 2nd Annual Kansas Obesity Summit on September 30th, 2013 in Topeka. The purpose was to share promising strategies for address high rates of obesity in Kansas.

Additionally, Kansas Health Champion winners were recognized.

After the summit, a special session was held with local Physical Activity Champions on the Get Active Kansas! Campaign.

Fitness Members Stretch Break

Summit Attendees participate in a physical activity break.

Dr. Moser and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback

Governor Brownback encourages communities to use incentives and events to help promote physical activity.

Lawrence Parks & Rec Department

Lawrence Parks & Recreation Department is honored
as the 2013 Organizational Kansas Health Champion.

Lisa Moritz Health Champion

Lisa Moritz is honored by the Governor as the 2013 Individual Kansas Health Champion.

Community Showcase panel

Community Showcase panelists share ideas for promoting physical activity in communities.

School Showcase panel

School Showcase panelists share about programs and initiatives promoting activity in a school setting.

rhonda holt

Rhonda Holt explains the Get Active Kansas! campaign during the Physical Activity Champion special session.

GCOF members in attendance

The Governor's Council on Fitness members in attendance at the summit with Gov. Brownback.

2012 Results